Most popular converters to streaming Music – Is it legal?

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Most popular converters to streaming Music – Is it legal?

This article was written in response to a publication in The Next Web, which was about the action of one of the most popular YouTube music converters – greenmp3. After testing it turned out that due to numerous errors it is impossible to download any file. Inspired by this article, we have reviewed other available this type of websites. And it is possible that in such times simple access to and use of streaming applications does not use these types of applications. Nothing is more wrong because the number of queries about the possibility of downloading tracks from youtube is constantly growing. It turns out that for people using mp3 music players while running, cycling or practicing other sports, downloading songs on the phone and playing them later is much more interesting and very popular. But is it legal?

Much depends on the country of the person who gets such music.
Generally, if the song appeared on the network on publicly accessible portals with the consent of the creator. And such a server is Youtube to download such a song is allowed (if not shared) when the worm is used for personal use.
This applies to works which, with the consent of the author, have been disseminated and made available to the public. For downloading to be legal you do not need permission from the creator of the song. It is only necessary for the work to be published with the permission of the author. This is the case, for example, in situations where a song has appeared on radio, television, or has been put on sale. You can not legally download songs before their official release. So it is permissible to download songs placed on internet sites by ih authors or other people with the permission of their authors if this song was previously publicized.

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