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How to download mp3 music from Youtube?

You do not need to copy a video from YouTube? Look how to download youtube videos:
You can search for videos directly on Vidtube site HERE or in the Android or Windows app by typing what you are looking for in the search box.



However, if you are on Youtube and there you found a video that you want to download you can copy his it’s link and then paste in the search box as shown in the picture below.



By click on video you get access to download options. Now just decide which video or music formats works for you. Usually, the whole process of converting and downloading an mp3 or video takes about 20 seconds, but if the server is overloaded or the internet connection is slow, it may take 2-3 minutes. Be patient and do not close the window at once.


That’s it! By clicking on the file format, the conversion process starts and the file is automatically downloaded. Now you have all your favorite videos on your device completely for free! Enjoy your MP3 file! And share our mp3 mixer and youtube video with others.

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