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How to download video from Youtube with application?

Youtube Video Converter on Android and Windows Phone

Video If you are not comfortable using the online converter, we recommend you to use our easy-to-use tool for android phones and Windows Phone to download YouTube content. Online Video Converter allows you to convert video to various formats, not just MP3. It’s much more useful than the YouTube download feature, so if you’re looking for more converting capabilities, the YouTube MP3 Converter software will make it easy for you to take over and perform all of your conversion tasks.

You can download the youtube video downloader for windows and android phones.
Below you can see how to download and use these applications.

Youtube Video Downloader for Windows Phone

1st STEP:  Download the application first using your phone from the Windows Store. The application is HERE.



2nd STEP: Instal app on your Device and open it. You sholud see screen as below.



3rd STEP: Find the video you are interested to download. After that you can download youtube video and convert it by click on it.


4th STEP: There are meny tapes of files you can convert video on such as: mp3, m4a, webm, 3gp. All your video and music files are storage on your device. You can see and manage all your files at Download option bottom menu. The whole process of downloading is showing on your device. And that’s it you can joy the music you grabed.




Youtube Video Downloader for Android

1st STEP:  Download the application using your phone from the Our site. The application is HERE or from alternative domain

VidTube YouTube Downloader quickly downloads your downloads from YouTube and Vimeo. Additionally it is easy to use. Just look in the left side of the screen and you’ll see a YouTube download card; and on the right Vimeo video card.



2nd STEP: However, before you start downloading new files, select the video resolution from the menu and file format. Choose high or low resolution movies. Otherwise, you can simply extract the audio files from each video to MP3 format (especially useful for offline music recording). All your downloads are stored directly in the download folder.



VidTube YouTube Downloader makes creating playlists fast. Now you will always have a list of videos you want to watch without having to download them. This way, when you’re using data, you can save videos you want to watch later in the comfort of your Wi-Fi connection, instead of maximizing dataplan.

Store any video from YouTube or Vimeo in your smartphone memory with VidTube YouTube Downloader – a great free downloadable app.

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