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How to make your video on Youtube more wanted?

There are only 2 types of video in general:

1. Popular channels with millions of views and likes but includes only few videos.
2. Channels with many, many videos, but with no impressions.

Have you ever wondered what makes this difference?
Follow this useful tips which will help you find out how to make your videos much more popular then others.
Below we describe simple steps makes your movie a space rocket.


Create a video

Ok, you have to make a great video first. It should be interesting, move, catchy, exciting, thrilling, fascinating and just awesome. Try to make the coolest movie ever. Movie is not just the picture but sound as well. o not forget to make it high sound and picture quality. It needs lot of work. So do not give up even if everything around say NO!

Make some research

The “Most Viewed” and “Most Subscribed” channels on YouTube contain some really powerful accounts. Watch some videos, get inspire, find some concepts and ideas. Sometimes it’s enough to sing a nice song or film a sweet puppy. See that people love fun, jockes, crazy things and music. Good example with more then 100 millions of views is here


Create more then one video

Try to record or produce a few different videod to see what your strongest part is. For example, sing a romantic song in the first movie, make a funny stand-up show, make people laugh in the second movie and film your cute sleeping cat in the last one. It will help you to identify your potential and find out where to move.


Use your imagination

People like crazy people with vivid imagination and the more not ordinary the more wanted. Make your video more untypical and creative, have fun with production. Your efforts will be highly valued.


Give your movie a good title

When you finish your production, think of the name. Make it easy, catchy, accurate, short but deep. Although you do not have to bet too much. If you make a film about beautiful valley somwhere in the middle of italy, call it “Toscania – once upon the time”. It’s clear what’s some element of mistery and does not overload the name with too many details.


Write proffesion description

The description is not less important. Write a few paragraphs in an interesting way, as if you wanted to sell something to the audience. It actually works!


Tags are important!

Make sure you’re using all the relevant tags and keywords from the title and description in the “Tags” section. The more useful tags, the more often the video appears when people search on YouTube.


Make Promotion

Share your videos with the world
Nothing will happend with good promotion, even if the product is excellent. You have to show it to the world. From that point on, your main goal will be to do everything possible to share it with as many people as possible. To do this, you’ll need to send a link to your social media pages by pressing the “Share” button at the bottom of the video.


And the key moment is that the sooner you do it, the better. If you wait a month, it will be unlikely to trigger public excitement, because your video will no longer be hot news. Do it right away.


Social media

Publish your video on Google+, on Twitter, on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and on other social media portals. The more the better. Will be excellent If you have your own blog or website! Use it to promote your new video by sharing it with your subscribers.

Do not forget your friends, co-workers, family and people you know. These guys will probably watch your movie because you are in relationship. You can also ask them to send a link to your video to their friends. This is not a big deal for them, but it can increase your chances. But do not cross the line – do not spam people because you risk that you will be on their black list.


Ask people to subscribe

Ask people to subscribe to your channel and share their favorite videos with friends. People who subscribe to your channel will see all newly uploaded videos on their home page where they can easily watch them. Make sure your video is easily accessible.


Meet in person at YouTube meetings

YouTube meetings are a great way to attract attention, make friends, and grow your popularity. Check the dates and places where they are held, and visit at least one event. Once you know the people who subscribe, thank them and try to get to know them personally. Be sympathetic and friendly.

Of course, you have to keep in mind a lot of other things, thinking about how to make a popular YouTube movie, but they all come to you with experience. Follow these tips and you will soon be reaping the fruits of your work.

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