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How to download mp3 music on Iphone?

If you have enough visiting YouTube to listen to your favorite tracks? Or you may visit YouTube to find new songs to listen to. Do not you want to download YouTube videos straight to iPhone? Going through the websites to listen to music is such a haste and there is no way to download it directly. Would not it be nice to be able to download the music you like as an mp3 file directly on your iPhone 6? In this case, you came across a website that could make it easier to download music on iPhone 6 with ease. You do not have to be particularly tech-savvy to download new songs from YouTube to iPhone. If you have an iPhone you can download video or music using our Youtube conwerter online. The procedure is very simple and requires several steps.


1. Open Youtube Online Converter HERE


2. Find video you want to convert and download.

You do not need to copy a video from YouTube.
You can search for videos directly on Vidtube or in the Android or Windows app by typing what you are looking for in the search box.


However, if you are on Youtube and there you found a video that interests you, you can copy his link and then paste in the search box as shown in the picture below.



3. Download mp3 music or video.

By clicking on the file format, the conversion process starts and the file is automatically downloaded. Now you have all your favorite videos on your computer completely for free! and ready to send to your iPhone. Enjoy your MP3 file! And share our mp3 mixer and youtube video with others.



4. Send mp3 music or video to iPhone

After the file is downloaded on your computer iTunes should automatically export that file to its own music library. In case it won’t happen you can do it manually.


Connect your iPhone and sync it with iTunes to get music from your iTunes to your iPhone.


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